Shadow Touch

November 22­ - December 21 2012

The exhibition Out of Shadows took place in Vasa Konsthall, Gothenburg, and included painting and sculpture by local artists Ralph Holmström and Georg Möller. It also included a digital installation by the Japanese new media artist Teruaki Tsubokura.

Out of Shadows was partly produced in cooperation with Chalmers University of Technology.


Ralph Holmström is a painter and sculptor; he is also a lyricist. His works generally deal with the essential conditions that mark the life of every human being: life and death, God and chance, love and indifference, light and darkness, and possibly light at the other side of darkness.

Georg Möller calls himself image creator and lyrics engineer. In the works exhibited at Vasa konsthall, he playfully evoked memories of Kazimir Malevich and the Russian suprematists in the early 20th century.

Teruaki Tsubokura is an upcoming new media artist from Japan that chose Creativity Unlimited as collaborator for his first performance in Europe. During the exhibition, Tsubokura presented the work Shadow Touch, where he uses interactive technology to produce illusions that soon turn into something different from what you would expect. Like so many illusionist before him, he thereby raises the eternal questions: What is true, what is false? What is reality? The interactive work requires the audience to use flashlights to look for shadows on an otherwise empty surface. Inside the flashlight is a remote control wirelessly connected to a computer generating everything that takes place. The technology enables the person holding the flashlight to find shadows and play with them by touching, holding and throwing them around. In Teruaki Tsubokuras own words: "We wanted to remove the difference between real and digital objects, and thought it would be interesting to use shadows, which are very well known phenomena."