Creativity Unlimited

Creativity Unlimited is a centre for inclusive innovation where contemporary art and artistic expression form the basis of a wider discussion and understanding of society. We bring together people from different fields and different places to form creative and resilient collaborations to take on the challenges facing a world in rapid transformation.

Charlotta Heurlin and Danette Quartey are co-founders.

Aesthetic communication

Aesthetic communication is an idea and a vision, where the aesthetics, the art, is a democratic and educational tool that is able to build bridges between different truths and  enable empathetic encounters. It is the ability of art to set the imagination free in a boundless, sometimes unruly way, that  prompts us to look from a new perspective, to ask other questions, to surprise, contemplate, socialize and question, which, like democracy, can open up to several voices. Aesthetic communication is inclusive and boundless in its approach and initiates encounters between strangers. The aesthetic, in the immediate emotional experience that precedes the active thought, creates a space, a room for reflection, founded in a personal physical experience. A room for reflection on what it is to be human, what it is to be a social being, what it is to be another, to be the other. A room where alternatives to one's own truth and the truth of society can develop.  The fact that aesthetics is a relationship between one's self and another, between self-reflection, the subjective experience and society, creates an opportunity for political imagination and invites understanding and change.

Aesthetic communication is a language that seeks dialogue instead of confrontation, response instead of mastering.