Creativity Unlimited No1 (CU)

CU is an association that serves as an assembly point, where art, innovation and aesthetics play a major role. We call this Aesthetic Communication  and our main goal is to raise awareness of the power of art and culture and highlight its ability to influence all parts of society.. CU is divided in two closely intertwined parts: CU the Factory and CU Gallery.

The Factory

CU the Factory is the operative part where CU uses the program Applied Aesthetics. Applied aesthetics is our method of enhancing and encouraging empathy and emotional intelligence on both a personal and professional level. We consider empathy as the key to thinking differently and this is essential to creativity.


CU Gallery

CU Gallery is a gallery and online platform - an exhibition space  focused on contemporary art, innovation and technical development with a mission to form the base for a wider discussion and understanding of the society we live in.



CU is partly located in France and therefore sees the opportunities to promote cultural exchange between Sweden and France