The Childrens Festival, Trädgårdsföreningen

August 2013

The Children's Festival is part of Gothenburg's Culture Festival in August every year. It takes place in a popular botanical garden in the center of the city, and focuses on events and attractions for children and teenagers. In 2013, Creativity Unlimited participated with a program where we invited both young an old to learn more about basic technology in playful ways. In our tent, children could, among other things, construct their own 'smoke cannons', using a plastic glass with a hole in the bottom, a balloon, and smoke from a smoke machine. Soon enough, hundreds of children lined up to build their own 'cannons'. We also demonstrated 3D­printing – something that attracted many both children and adults, whose eyes grew wider as they watched the printers produce a number of basic objects.

CU:s program during 

The Children's festival was produced in cooperation with:

Chalmers University of Technology
Creative Tools AB
Göteborgs Kulturkalas (The Gothenburg Culture Festival)

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