Random Tactility

Random Tactility is an installation in three different parts

Touchy Feely

The spectator is invited to a haptic exploration addressing the meaning of empathy. CU believes that tactility plays a role in how we perceive our surroundings, and our reactions towards each other. “touchy feely” is one way to open up for the opportunity of an empathetic perspective of our surroundings and of our fellow humans.


Exploring faces and looking for empathy there, is how CU is building “Through Our Eyes”. By looking into each other's eyes, we see our similarities, 

taking us a step further away from alienation and dehumanization as ways of looking at our fellow humans. The spectator is invited to look closely, and to leave preconceived ideas behind. This is where empathy is given time to develop.


Based on the Disorientation part of the Applied Aesthetics Program, CU shows how preconception can change with a different narrative.

The spectators are invited to find new narratives for specific artworks and the feelings they are transmitting. Looking for empathy and general understanding of the other in this way opens up for further discussion on how we label each other, and subsequently the mechanism of dehumanization as a means of polarization.