månadsarkiv: juni 2015

Creativity Unlimited presents – YOUR CALL


15 oktober – 22 november 2015

Your Call  15 oktober - 22 november 2015

Every story is in a way without ending, containing a multitude of other stories that can carry it in any direction. And the story – the history – that we are made to believe, can actually be challenged by any story that is true for any human being. Your Call deals with those questions using the world of telecommunications to exemplify and illustrate the profound importance of stories and story telling to both individuals and society. Through sculpture, installation, sound and performance art, Your Call deals with the pros and cons of the massive technological changes that are bringing people together on an unprecedented scale.

Your Call is part of GIBCA Extended, a satellite project to GIBCA, the Göteborg International Biennal for Contemporary Art, aiming to bring the local and regional art community closer to the Biennal. It is organised and supervised by the GIBCA management.