About the artists in the group HypeCycle

Frieder Weiss calls himself 'engineer in the arts' and interactive video designer. He travels the world to apply his motion sensing software to a variety of happenings and performances. He also teaches at the universities of Nürnberg and Doncaster, and at Karlsruhe college. Over the years, Frieder Weiss has become interested in the limitations of the two dimensional video projection. This have lead him to work out of sculptural perspectives, not least by using dance and dancers to create three dimensional pictures of 'frozen moments'.

Emily Fernandez is a dancer and choreographer, born in Melbourne but now living in Berlin. She started choreographing her own pieces while employed as a ballerina at the Mecklenburg state theater. She soon became interested in the interaction between dance and modern technology. She's been collaborating with Frieder Weiss for a number of years, for example resulting in the joint installation work Schlamp! Emily Fernandez teaches dance and new media art for stage all over the world.

Mattias Härtig has worked with Frieder Weiss for well over a decade. He is an engineer in media technology, and technical director at the Trans­Media-Akademie Hellerau outside Dresden, a center for interdisciplinary arts.